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Welcome to my world!

Jerry Byers is a collection of random thoughts, photographs, muses, and whatever else escapes my mind.

The impetus for this site is my fascination of information. I love to read stories, blogs, tweets, books - just about anything. I also like to pass on good useful information. Not any and all information, but information that I find that has fallen by the wayside and should not be forgotten.

I will attempt to collect and post things that I find useful, somewhat funny, maybe touching, or just plain absurd. And interspersed among this collection, I will share my own collection of writings - my poetry, my short stories, my views on life.

I hope you enjoy my collection here at Jerry Byers. Feel free to comment, critique, or even share your own thoughts.

Sit back and relax - things here go unnoticed or have been easily forgotten.


Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.