Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gazing Towards the Heavens

Long lost photo from 1992. This photo was taken in the gardens of Tokyo, Japan, and has never been printed. The photo has been archived for 17 years.

This photo was taken with a Bronica SQ-AI medium-format camera.

Photo via www.flickr.com

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Reach for the Sky

Union Cemetery in Leesburg, Virginia

Established in 1855 on the immediate outskirts of Leesburg, Union Cemetery was created as a public cemetery open to people of all faiths. It predated three other "Union" cemeteries in Loudoun County established at Hillsboro, Waterford and Lovettsville. The cemetery contains the 1908 Union Chapel and several notable monuments, including a Confederate War Memorial at the north end of the site, and an imperfectly cut 30-foot- high granite column, allegedly designed for a D.C. public building, but rejected and brought to the cemetery in the 1890s.

This photo was taken on All Saints Day with the Nikon D90 - an extraordinary camera.

Photo via www.flickr.com