Buckstrips™- Strings Without the Ring

Buckstrips™- Strings Without the Ring

Most stringed instruments have some degree of a phenomenon of "parasitic" or "sympathetic" vibration, where the length of strings between the bridge and the tailpiece, and to a lesser degree, the length of strings between the nut and the tuners, will vibrate at its own tone when the main area of the strings is played. This can cause clearly audible tones that may be in conflict with the music being played. It can also theoretically lessen the sustain of played notes. These are the problems that harmonic suppressors are designed to deal with.

Looking for the right type of grommet? Do they seem to disappear all the time? Get a better solution - Buckstrips™. These harmonic suppressors made from real deerskin. Natural, safe, and practically impossible to lose.

The following colors are available: BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, RED, TURQUOISE, GOLD, CHOCOLATE, PURPLE, SADDLE, and NATURAL. There may be slight variations in color.
Buckstrips™ are woven between the strings (between the tailpiece and the bridge) to dampen the strings vibrations that cause audible overtones while playing. Buckstrips™ are approximately 1/4" x 1/8" x 3".

Online Special - $2.99 for 3 Buckstrips™ (S&H included). Please specify your color choices during checkout. Longer lengths are available. Payment made securely through PayPal. Of course, the mandolin in picture is not included.

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