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My name is Jerry Byers and I am a photographer who is passionate about blogging. I am also a blogger who is passionate about photography. The technical world, the social sphere, and photography are blending today more than ever.

My interest in photography started many years ago. My father dabbled with a Polaroid Land camera and a Yashica 120 TLR - he spent many hours in the darkroom. I spent several years learning the mechanics of cameras; although, I didn't take a lot of pictures. During subsequent summers, I would spend time with my grandmother; she would allow me to use her SLR camera. After showing much interest in photography, I was given a Kodak Instamatic 126 at the age of 12. In the summer of '84, I bought my first SLR camera, and so my official journey into the world of photography began.

During college, I spent a lot of time taking a lot of informal pictures. Kodak had introduced their Disc camera. The camera was easy to use, but the film cartridges were expensive and the film quality was crappy. I also spent time using my SLR camera. It was fun to use, but manual cameras back then were a pain; especially compared to the Point-n-Shoot cameras.

In the '90s, I experienced a revolution with photography. I purchased a Canon EOS 10s and shot thousands of slides with it. Nikon had introduced the F4S and I had to have it. It was built like a tank and just as heavy. It didn't replace my Canon, although I loved the Nikkor lenses. I also got back into medium format with a used Bronica SQ-Ai. I used it for several years and finally traded it for a Pentax 67 II.

During the late '90s and early 2000, I spent more and more time with a P&S. I acquired a Canon ELPH; the lightness and speed renewed my creativity in photography. I still use a newer version today as a backup camera. The digital camera has just hit the scene, as well. So, I traded my 35mm and 220 cameras and bought a Canon D30.

The world of digital was new to me, but the art of photography was an old friend. I spent many years taking both snapshots with the ELPH and photos with the D30. It was so easy to take hundreds of pictures and get immediate results at a fraction of the cost of film cameras. In 2007, I retired the D30 and moved over to Nikon. I have used the D40, D90, D300, D300s, D700, D7200, D750 and the D810. I continue to use the D7200 - a beautiful camera that takes exceptional photos.

Recently, my interest in photography was reignited by the iPhone and the wide range of photo apps that allowed me to take, edit, and share my photos instantly with ease. I have been introduced to iPhoneography and the world of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The youth has reinvigorated photography using these channels; the use of phone cameras has sparked a serious form or photographic expression.

I continue to learn and experiment with photography, as well as, jump from medium to medium. We are experiencing the golden years with photography - on any given day, I am using my DSLR, my Point & Shoot, or my iPhone. I will continue to share my photos - I hope you enjoy.

In My Own Words

Jerry Byers

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